Featured Projects

Ttitle Status Description
project django-mqtt alpha Integrate MQTT with a Django application ( Github Pypi )
project django-owntracks Integrate Owntracks with a Django application ( Github )
project django-zakka alpha A collection of assorted mini apps and helpers to be reused in various Django projects ( Github Pypi )
project Promgen beta Promgen is a configuration generator for Prometheus which I develop as part of my job at LINE Fukuoka ( Github )
project Timebox Server alpha Various time management tools inspired by Pomodoro timers ( Github )


blog Replacing Hugo with Yamdl?

I’ve been using hugo for my blog for a while, and while I appreciate being able to write posts in anything that supports Markdown, I’ve never enjoyed making sense of their template system. My site curently uses a fork of hugo-bootstrap (to fix minor bugs) with some other customizations from hugo-worklog that I wrote. Ideally I would like a system where I can use django for the site, but maintain the same editing flow I have for my current site.

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blog Packaging a Django Application

Our goal when packaging up a Django application, is that we can use it as part of an existing application, or we can run it by itself in a standalone mode. To this end, I have over time, started to package my django applications in the following way. You can see diffs of all the commits in the example-django repository. Start with a Makefile and setup files Instead of using tools like Poetry and Pipenv , I find it easier to just create a basic Makefile to use as the entrypoint.

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