Featured Projects

Ttitle Status Description
project django-budget alpha A simple django app to track your home budget ( Github )
project django-mqtt alpha Integrate MQTT with a Django application ( Github Pypi )
project django-owntracks Integrate Owntracks with a Django application ( Github )
project django-zakka alpha A collection of assorted mini apps and helpers to be reused in various Django projects ( Github Pypi )
project Promgen beta Promgen is a configuration generator for Prometheus which I develop as part of my job at LINE Fukuoka ( Github )
project Timebox Server alpha Various time management tools inspired by Pomodoro timers ( Github )


blog Handling Optional Django Modules

Django comes with support for MIDDLEWARE and provides several useful ones by default. I usually try to make my projects as useable as possible, and some debug middleware is only useful when development. Example Middleware Since the order and layering often matter, I’ll usually configure all my optional middleware in the correct spot like bellow, with a short comment. MIDDLEWARE = [ "debug_toolbar.middleware.DebugToolbarMiddleware", # Only enabled for debug "", "whitenoise.middleware.WhiteNoiseMiddleware", # Used primarily for docker "django.

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blog Replacing Hugo with Yamdl?

I’ve been using hugo for my blog for a while, and while I appreciate being able to write posts in anything that supports Markdown, I’ve never enjoyed making sense of their template system. My site curently uses a fork of hugo-bootstrap (to fix minor bugs) with some other customizations from hugo-worklog that I wrote. Ideally I would like a system where I can use django for the site, but maintain the same editing flow I have for my current site.

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blog Packaging a Django Application

Our goal when packaging up a Django application, is that we can use it as part of an existing application, or we can run it by itself in a standalone mode. To this end, I have over time, started to package my django applications in the following way. You can see diffs of all the commits in the example-django repository. Start with a Makefile and setup files Instead of using tools like Poetry and Pipenv , I find it easier to just create a basic Makefile to use as the entrypoint.

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