blog Cinderella Fit

I recently learned a new word, シンデレラフィット (Cinderella Fit) which amused me. It seems to be a term applied a lot when talking about various storage items from places like muji and ikea and refers to items that fit perfectly. I’m often reminded of it when I see videos on things like gridfinity where one tries to make a container that fits perfectly for each individual item. There’s a part of me that loves seeing things like BaseLynx , a customizable charging system that has a dock for each one of your devices. I think part of the appeal of having a 3D printer, is the idea that you can make a container to hold just about everything perfectly. There’s also a number of times I’ve wanted a cable of a very specific length. With more things using USB C, maybe that’s something obtainable, but there are still plenty of household objects that all have their own transformer block with weird sizes and such that I then want to hide away.