blog Perfect is the Enemy of Good

As I have tried to reduce my dependence on social media, I have picked up more and more blogs into my feed reader. With as much as I read, I have often felt like I should be writing more as well but I am very skilled at distractions and excuses to avoid writing.

I am often reminded about the seinfield calendar which introduced a strategy for improving at something with continuous practice. Even if the story itself is apocryphal, that idea of continuous practice shows up in many places. In fact, one of my favorite Japanese words is 改善(kaizen) or the idea of continuous improvement.

I have quite a lot of half-baked ideas that I tend to keep in a local wiki, but perhaps dusting off a few of those and writing about them, will help me strengthen my writing muscles a bit.

For now, I will try to write more on my existing Hugo blog, but I also want to try to rebuild my site in Django so that I can experiment with things more.

(Amusingly a draft of this has been in my drafts folder for a long time.)