blog Replacing Hugo with Yamdl?

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I’ve been using hugo for my blog for a while, and while I appreciate being able to write posts in anything that supports Markdown, I’ve never enjoyed making sense of their template system. My site curently uses a fork of hugo-bootstrap (to fix minor bugs) with some other customizations from hugo-worklog that I wrote.

Ideally I would like a system where I can use django for the site, but maintain the same editing flow I have for my current site.

A while back I was reading a post, Static-Dynamic Content With In-Memory SQLite , where Andrew Godwin wrote yamdl to provide an alternate way to load fixtures into his site. Over the winter break, I had some extra time to experiment on my own site.

The initial testing went well, and I made a few pull requests regarding pathlib usage and extension handling. This allowed me to load most of my site as-is without any changes to the existing Hugo directory layout. I still have more work to do around static pages, url/permalikn handling, and other static content, but I’m very hopeful that I can finish things up soon, and return to having a personal site that is a joy to hack on again.