blog Collecting Half Baked Ideas

I have a wiki of sorts where I collect all my random, half-baked ideas: . Instead of having a lot of random ideas floating in my head, sometimes it feels nice to dump them somewhere. Many of these ideas will likely never go beyond the braindump stage. In some ways, I guess it’s my own version of something like the lazyweb-requests .

If I’m at my PC, then it is fairly simple for me to open up the repo and quickly jot down a few ideas. Though if I’m on my iPad, it is more awkward, so I have settled on using a Shortcut to quickly open a new memo with the current date so I can sketch an idea. Other times I might jot something into todoist or Noteplan or Obsidian but I have not quite found a single app to standardize on. Creating that app to standardize on might be one of my next half-baked ideas :p.