Ttitle Status Tags Description
project alfred-worklog prototype alfred time-management worklog swift hugo Since it can be difficult to keep track of what I worked on that day, I’ve been experimenting with some scripts to make it easier to journal my days’ activities. For now, most of it is bundled as an alfred workflow and is uploaded to github alfred-worklog
project django-budget alpha django pim A simple django app to track your home budget
project django-mqtt alpha django mqtt Integrate MQTT with a Django application
project django-owntracks django mqtt Integrate Owntracks with a Django application
project django-zakka alpha django A collection of assorted mini apps and helpers to be reused in various Django projects
project Promgen beta django prometheus Promgen is a configuration generator for Prometheus which I develop as part of my job at LINE Fukuoka
project PromQL Guard golang prometheus
project purplebot python IRC Bot written from scratch in Python as a project to experiment with
project Quickstats for iOS prototype swift ios quantified-self
project salt-deployhook beta saltstack webhook Trigger salt deployments from Github webhooks
project salt-mqtt prototype saltstack mqtt Bridge Salt and MQTT
project Timebox Server alpha time-management django Various time management tools inspired by Pomodoro timers
project vscode-workflow prototype worklog vscode

A VSCode extension for managing a worklog in hugo . Inspired by Hugo Helper but with other functions that fit my workflow better.