Past Projects

Assorted interesting bits that helped get me to where I am today

Web Framework - PHP/MySQL

Started in the later part of my senior year of High School, I wrote a PHP framework that I used to power older versions of my site.


2D Game Engine in C#

Started after graduation from North Carolina State University, I wrote the beginnings of a 2D game engine in C# to become more familiar with the language and tools.


{ kfdm/murasaki }


Underwater space station for sci-fi FPS

Built a level for the game Natural-Selection which was eventually accepted and released as part of the game.

Hive room Marine Start Pump Room Curved Walkway

{ Natural-Selection }


Zombie infested rail yard

Built a level for the game ZombiePanic! using the eastside texture set from Poke646 .

Warehouse Rail Yard

{ ZombiePanic! }

Python library for TheHitList

Provides a python library to access The Hit List through appscript’s python to apple script bridge. Currently in its early stages. Will eventually be used to provide a method of importing entries from task trackers such as Piviotal Tracker or dates from Google Calendar and convert them into tasks.

{ kfdm/thehitlist }