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Australian artist and video creator Ben from Bens Worx has been hitting it for six lately with all his projects, but this latest episode might be among his most impressive and beautiful works yet. I quite enjoy the various links that Rubenerd posts from time to time and I also found myself wanting a cube for my desk now.

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Nothing more reliably signals I’ll forget something than thinking I won’t. This is me so very much. I think many time-management books even have a chapter on this very thing. Even though I’m nearly always in front of my computer or have my phone, it’s embarrassing the amount of times I think I don’t need to take a memo . . .

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When I was younger, my grandparents had a vacation spot in Myrtle Beach South Carolina at a place called Pirateland. Was randomly reminded of it this morning and had some fun looking around the site.

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Looks like I will have to develop a blogging platform from scratch first. This one hits close to home. I keep telling myself that I want to write more on my blog, but I am constantly over thinking how I want to manage things before I even have significant content to manage.

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I wish very badly that Linux had a culture of shareware and small indie devs like Mac does. An obsessive commitment to everything being F(L)OSS does not necessarily result in good software. Both Part 1 and Part 2 spoke to me. I try to be fairly careful when I say “I prefer foo for reasons X and Y” but it never seems to stop being annoying when people try to declare that “bar is better and foo sucks” for whatever reason.

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An open-source, manual pick-and-place machine for PCB artisans With the increased interest in Mastodon and the Fediverse, I have been enjoying following various tags like projects , esphome , and esp32 . I’ve also been watching more maker videos on Youtube. Recently watching videos like Why Robots Build Every Piece of Electronics which shows off some of the hardware used to build electronics at SparkFun or How PCB is Made in China .

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overthinking -> write anxious -> meditate tired -> nap sad -> exercise stressed -> walk angry -> music lazy -> reduce screen time burnt out -> read Definitely had a few of these apply to me recently and seems like a reasonable list to keep in mind.

share Rubenerd: Some blog ideas I’m considering for 2023

Rubenerd’s site has been one of my favorite to read the past year and some of their 2023 ideas resinated with me. Going back to a server-side blog engine. Static site generation is fast, but it’s a pain in the posterior if I’m not in front of my primary computer. Not sure what it’d be. Hugo mostly works ok, but I’ve never experienced lots of joy using it. While I like the idea of using any text editor to edit posts, the Hugo template system always leaves me head scratching a bit.

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Simon Willison ’s blog has been another favorite over the past year. Many of their comments and a lot of their enthusiasm for the recent interest in Mastodon resinates with me. Every Mastodon account is a little blog. You can post text and images to it. You can link to things. It’s a blog. A Mastodon server is a feed reader, shared by everyone who uses that server. Mastodon is just blogs and Google Reader, skinned to look like Twitter.

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It’s interesting and kinda fun to see more year replay type posts. I think Spotify Wrapped is the one that that I usually remember as the first one to start doing this. Gyroscope also does a very nice one built from various data points over the year. Most of what shows up on my Steam Replay is from games I played with my weekly gaming group. I’ve been continuing to play Final Fantasy XIV most days but I play that outside of steam.

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