blog Starting Rust


Rust has been on my list of things to learn for quite a while, and recently I have started to actually start learning it. I started with the Rust Book online, working through a chapter at a time, mostly during my weekly MokuMokuKai . After finishing the first I/O project I also went through the rust cli book to further check some of my understanding before moving on.

Right now I’m taking a short break from the book to experiment with a few small CLI applications in Rust to check my understanding. I use mqtt for many of my other projects, so one of my first small project is a set of mqtt tools to tail a server or send simple payloads. I am also reworking my worklog script and rewriting it from Swift into Rust to continue practicing. While I like Swift as a language, and there are libraries to help write a CLI, it feels like Rust might be better for the specific wrapper tools I want to write. Perhaps this will also lead towards me replacing Hugo with something else that is a bit easier to work with. Something like Zola could work if I want to keep it a static site, but I’m also thinking about going with a Django site this time.

I have a long winter holiday coming up, so I have been spending this weekend polishing up my deploy pipeline in the hope that I can focus on code for the rest of the holiday. We will see after the new year how successful I was.