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project django-mqtt alpha Integrate MQTT with a Django application ( Github Pypi )
project django-owntracks Integrate Owntracks with a Django application ( Github )
project salt-mqtt prototype Bridge Salt and MQTT ( Github )


blog NFC With Home Assistant and MQTT

I have been experimenting with various habit tracking and home automation prototypes for quite a while. While I like the idea of having smart buttons around my house, they are a bit expensive for what I want to do with them, and I have not yet had luck getting an IKEA Tradfri button working. A few weeks ago, I recalled the NFC tag support in Home Assistant and wondered if I could use that.

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blog Prototyping a Room Sensor

Quite a while back I picked up a M5StickC Plus but had not done anything with it. I have a Smart Citizen Kit that I’ve been using to track data in my office and at home, but had been wanting some kind of smaller sensor that I could place in multiple rooms of my apartment. A few days ago I decided to pick up a ENV III Hat and TVOC/eCO2 to pair with it for a quick prototype.

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blog Growl and MQTT

Many years ago before notification center, there was Growl . It was widely supported by many different MacOS applications, and had many nice customization options for the toaster popups. Eventually Apple released notification center and Growl slowly faded away, but I still appreciated the ability to send a remote notification and continue to use prowl for many of my projects.

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