week 2022 Week 34

This week, Final Fantasy XIV Buried Memory was released so I’ve been playing that a lot in the evenings. After finishing the main story missions, I’ve been enjoying playing with the new Island Sanctuary area.

My weekly gaming group continues to work through Raft . Based on the things we’ve unlocked and our general pace, it feels like we’re getting towards the end of the game. May only be another few weeks till we finish.

It’s currently part of our twice a year review season at work, so that’s taken quite a lot of my focus (and means other projects have not progressed very much). Each review season, I tend to spend several hours working on various scripts and reports to try to help me remember what it was I actually finished.

I continue to have lots of random ideas I want to try, which I dump into my ideas repository but like most things, not sure when I’ll be able to expriment with them. Some ideas would actually require some skills I don’t quite have yet.

For the rest of the weekend, I’ll probably work on some code cleanup on some of my other projects.