week 2022 Week 46

I was never a particularly heavy Twitter user, but the recent drama has been very distracting. Very much like watching a wreck. This has not been good for my work motivation which has already been a bit low recently. Next week I need to be better at blocking distractions. For now, I’ve downloaded my twitter snapshot in case I want to poke at the old data, and am looking at tools like semiphemeral to clean up my old footprint there.

For this week’s mokumoku , I got frustrated with my site’s html and started reworking it from scratch. Previously I had based it on some existing templates, so this is a good chance to better understand how hugo handles lookup order . Looking at https://endoflife.date/bootstrap resulted in me trying bootstrap 5 for this draft. Most of it seems to work ok, but a few minor quirks (like removal of a styles from badges) leaves me looking for some minor fixes.

On Saturday, my gaming group finished the first campaign on Wildermyth . Now that my group is understanding the game mechanics more, we’re really enjoying it. I think the few minor complaints are related to a few rough edges in the multiplayer UX. There are a few times where one of us have clicked next by accident which advances it for everyone else. I think an [ ] I'm Ready button would probably smooth out that experience.