blog MokuMokuKai (木曜日の黙々会)

As developers, we all likely have a very long list of projects we would like to experiment with and work on, but can never quite get around to working on it. A few years ago, we started a MokuMokuKai at my office. MokuMokuKai is a bit of Japanese wordplay, from “MokuMoku” (黙々) which means silent, and “kai” 会 meeting. Our MokuMokuKai has an extra bit of wordplay in there, because we always hold it on “MOKUyoubi” (木曜日) which is Thursday.

Every Thursday we have our MokuMokuKai, where a few of us get on zoom and idle, and work on our own projects. It’s great to have a scheduled time to work on some projects, and even bounce some ideas back and forth if you’re stuck. Recently I’ve been mostly rotating through various django projects while a coworker works on some swift code related to a SmartCitizen app that we made during a previous company hackathon.

Today I didn’t have a big plan in mind, so I cleaned up a bit of packaging from last week, and then to be a little meta, wrote this post. I’ve often told myself I want to be more active in blogging so maybe writing this post will be a good way to motivate myself to keep up with it more this time.