week 2022 Week 36


I had not planned on spending most of my afternoon prototyping a vscode-worklog extension, but once I started writing, I kept tweaking one more thing until most of my afternoon had disappeared. The code is still super messy and there are bugs I found while writing this post, but at least the basic prototype seems reasonable.

I also spent some of this morning working on upgrading some of my test virtual machines. I probably have a lot of old settings files to cleanup so that may be a longer term cleanup. I had wanted to upgrade to a newer distro so that I have access to a newer system python.

In Final Fantasy XIV I managed to get my island sanctuary up to level 10 so now I can fly around and I also managed to have enough saved for the bike mount.

On Saturday, my gaming group finished Raft so I think we’ll spend the next few weeks on some of the seasonal stuff in Deep Rock Galactic .

There is more I would like to try to write about (instead of just weekly summary posts) but one of my cats seems to really demand attention in the evening, which limits the amount of extra time I have to draft something. Hopefully I can find a good balance soon. I don’t recall my families cats being quite so demanding when I was younger.