week 2022 Week 35

Been making progress upgrading my island sanctuary and my group seems to be ready to finish raft next week.

Review period at work is over for now, but some small outages resulted in me being unable to progress on other larger tasks.

Whenever I sit down to try to update something small, I tend to update some unrelated stuff as well. Added a contact page and then ended up refactoring the header and moving all the social links there as well. I kinda want to throw out part of the old bootstrap4 template I initially based my site off of, and do a new version based on bootstrap5.

afternoon, I spent a while working on some stuff to bridge webhooks over mqtt to saltstack . This is something I want to use at work as well, to allow salt masters to more easily subscribe to repo updates they want, instead of having to push webhooks from Github to each salt master. I had prototyped some of this a while back, but apparently my prototype was not in a good working state. Took a lot of back and forth to get it working well. This will also require an update to salt-deployhook to handle how payloads are processed.