share Simon Willison - Mastodon Is Blogs

Simon Willison ’s blog has been another favorite over the past year. Many of their comments and a lot of their enthusiasm for the recent interest in Mastodon resinates with me. Every Mastodon account is a little blog. You can post text and images to it. You can link to things. It’s a blog. A Mastodon server is a feed reader, shared by everyone who uses that server. Mastodon is just blogs and Google Reader, skinned to look like Twitter.

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blog Activitypub and Federation

Recently I’ve started to be interested in activitypub and how it connects projects like Mastodon or Pixelfed as alternatives to centralized services such as Facebook and Instagram. For my blog, I’m generally fine with things such as atom and rss (though there seems to be a way to bridge a feed to activity pub) for something like quickstats it may be nice to consider how to federate.