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Simon Willison ’s blog has been another favorite over the past year. Many of their comments and a lot of their enthusiasm for the recent interest in Mastodon resinates with me.

Every Mastodon account is a little blog.

You can post text and images to it. You can link to things. It’s a blog.

A Mastodon server is a feed reader, shared by everyone who uses that server.

Mastodon is just blogs and Google Reader, skinned to look like Twitter.

I am running my own Mastodon instance for expirmental reasons but it often seems heavy for what I’m using it for. Like Simon, Aaron Parecki ’s blog has also been a large source of inspiration. They have written their own blog, similar to Simon, but have taken it a step further and also made it accessible over ActivityPub . Jan-Lukas Else is another blogger who I’ve enjoyed reading and they have also made their own blog that is also accessible over ActivityPub.

Not that I need any additional projects but in the long run, I think I would also appreciate something similar.

  • My own blog software that I can customize how I publish to it.
  • Notes can be published as ActivityPub and be boosted and receive comments.

Lots to think about and brain storm about for the new year.