blog How Many Inboxes?

How many inboxes do you have? A few years ago I read a book Time Management for System Administrators which I sometimes summarize as “Don’t try to remember it, write it down”. Reading parts of Getting Things Done I also feel like I could summarize it in a similar way. Many of these systems have some concept of an Inbox for where tasks enter. One issue though is how many inboxes do you actually have ?

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blog Prototyping a Room Sensor

Quite a while back I picked up a M5StickC Plus but had not done anything with it. I have a Smart Citizen Kit that I’ve been using to track data in my office and at home, but had been wanting some kind of smaller sensor that I could place in multiple rooms of my apartment. A few days ago I decided to pick up a ENV III Hat and TVOC/eCO2 to pair with it for a quick prototype.

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blog Growl and MQTT

Many years ago before notification center, there was Growl . It was widely supported by many different MacOS applications, and had many nice customization options for the toaster popups. Eventually Apple released notification center and Growl slowly faded away, but I still appreciated the ability to send a remote notification and continue to use prowl for many of my projects.

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blog Rewrite for That Last 10%

One frustration of being a developer is becoming fairly opinionated on how one thinks things should work. When my family have tech issues, if they cannot figure things out in a short time, they will often accept it as-is and move on. Being a developer, I often experience an irrationally large annoyance and spend more time than I should trying to figure things out or trying to change things how I think things should work.

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blog Packaging a Django Application

Our goal when packaging up a Django application, is that we can use it as part of an existing application, or we can run it by itself in a standalone mode. To this end, I have over time, started to package my django applications in the following way. You can see diffs of all the commits in the example-django repository. Start with a Makefile and setup files Instead of using tools like Poetry and Pipenv , I find it easier to just create a basic Makefile to use as the entrypoint.

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blog Language Server

Last year, I switched to vscode and as part of that, have become interested in how the language server protocol works. As part of my worklog project, I’ve been building various tools and scripts around hugo to manage my notes and day to day tasks, and building a language server to handle some of the formatting tasks may be an interesting way to implement some of the required functionality.

blog Activitypub and Federation

Recently I’ve started to be interested in activitypub and how it connects projects like Mastodon or Pixelfed as alternatives to centralized services such as Facebook and Instagram. For my blog, I’m generally fine with things such as atom and rss (though there seems to be a way to bridge a feed to activity pub) for something like quickstats it may be nice to consider how to federate.

blog make help

Useful snippet to add help text to a Makefile