blog I’d rather be using salt

Currently I’m using Ansible at work, but I would MUCH rather be using Salt. A discussion on the Salt mailing list reminded me of this again, so I thought I would write down a few notes regarding why I would rather be using Salt (and why I not-so-secretly use Salt for development) Why have both roles and playbooks? Roles and Playbooks are somewhat similar, and feel like they have some overlap in usage, so at times it can be quite frustrating to have things that are so similar but different.

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project Bookmark Share

In the process of researching for some of my other projects, I tend to use Pocket to collect and organize pages. Like many applications, there are always parts that I wish were different, so I hope to use IFTTT as a bridge into my own system where I can experiment with bookmark management

project Python GNTP Library

Wrote an implementation of the Growl Notification Transport Protocol in Python. Also wrote a prototype listen server that can listen for GNTP messages and regrowl them to the local OSX machine.

project purplebot

Used within my channel on GameSurge, I wrote an irc bot from scratch using python. { kfdm/purplebot }