blog Nine Years in Japan

Nine Years I have now been in Japan for 9 years. Japan is far from a perfect company and there are plenty of bits that cause irritation at times, but overall I feel like my normal day to day is pretty good. This past year definitely had some ups and downs and I have quite a lot to consider moving into 2024. Winter Break I had a number of paid holidays accumulated that were due to expire if I did not use them, so this year I have an extra long winter holiday.

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blog Winter break and eight years in Japan

Eight Years As of the end of last month, I’ve been in Japan for 8 years. Depending on my mood at the time, that sometimes seems like a short time and sometimes seems like a long time. I was only in San Francisco for a bit over 7 years so Japan is now where I’ve lived the longest outside of my family home. The biggest changes from last year involve moving into a new place and adopting two cats.

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