blog Nine Years in Japan


Nine Years

I have now been in Japan for 9 years. Japan is far from a perfect company and there are plenty of bits that cause irritation at times, but overall I feel like my normal day to day is pretty good. This past year definitely had some ups and downs and I have quite a lot to consider moving into 2024.

Winter Break

I had a number of paid holidays accumulated that were due to expire if I did not use them, so this year I have an extra long winter holiday. I have continued to use some of it tinkering around with various bits of my site. I am still using mqtt and saltstack to automate parts of my dev environment.

My normal weekend group has recently picked up Valheim . It is a lot slower paced due to the amount of exploration for resources but we have been enjoying it for the most part. Another of my gaming groups also played some Lethal Company over three days which was another fun bit of gaming.

Next Year

This year I had some pretty significant stress due to work, both related to the work itself, and the ongoing company merger. Similar to last year, I need to do better at managing my stress level and taking more frequent breaks. It is also possible that I may start evaluating new opportunities in the near future.