blog Fluent Bit Exec Plugin

After experimenting the other day, I continued thinking about better ways to solve my analytics problem. I did not really want to run a separate fluentd instance in a container just to use out_exec but I wanted to use same functionality. I decided to take an afternoon and see how difficult it would be to create a go output plugin and built fluent-bit-exec_out . graph LR nginx ---> |ltsv.*| fluent-bit fluent-bit --> |sematext.

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blog Experimenting With Analytics

I’ve been using the self-hosted version plausible with my blog and development site. It generally works well, but there are times I’d like to have a little bit more customization on the reports. I’m already collecting nginx logs using ltsv and fluent-bit’s tail plugin. Since I have extra time to tinker over my winter break, I’ve been experimenting a bit. graph LR javascript ----> plausible nginx -->|ltsv| fluent-bit fluent-bit -->|forward| processing processing -.

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