share Rubenerd: Some blog ideas I’m considering for 2023


Rubenerd’s site has been one of my favorite to read the past year and some of their 2023 ideas resinated with me.

Going back to a server-side blog engine. Static site generation is fast, but it’s a pain in the posterior if I’m not in front of my primary computer. Not sure what it’d be.

Hugo mostly works ok, but I’ve never experienced lots of joy using it. While I like the idea of using any text editor to edit posts, the Hugo template system always leaves me head scratching a bit. I don’t really need another project, but I’m tempted to write my own blog module. Perhaps I can also be hip and also do something with ActivityPub at the same time.

Hosting an image gallery package, or writing my own. I stopped using Instagram, and have weaned myself off the dopamine hits you get from likes, but I’d still like to share photos from trips. Heck, maybe it’d be a static webpage.

This is another area I would also like to experiment with, but I can only imagine the rabbit holes I could start down. In the past, I liked being able to push data to Google Drive and automatically show up in Google Photo but they broke that quite a long time ago. I’m also trying to de-google a bit (though slowly). I’m also not really sure what I will end up doing here.

Looking forward to continuing to read Rubenerd’s blog and see what they come up with!