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I’m still debating replacing Jekyll with something else but I’m not super enthusiastic about writing a blog system. One frustration with many software packages is when it does almost everything you want except for a small bit. Typically your only recourse is to build the entire thing from scratch. Though I’m not very fond of Liquid templates since I’m more used to Django Templates , I think the biggest issue I have with Jekyll is some of the special cases particularly with posts being special collections but regular pages are unable to take advantage of tags without workarounds. I suppose any frustrations regarding atom feeds I could probably solve by building the feed myself using vanilla Jekyll like I used to do.

I did seem to finally be able to get tags working how I wanted, where I could get tagged pages. Not quite all in the same array but this should work for now.

{% assign taggedPages = site.pages | where:"tags",page.tag | sort:"url" %}
{% if taggedPages.size > 0 %}

And while there is not a way to automatically make tag index pages, using some examples as inspiration, I was able to get a reasonable tag page working.

{% assign tagPages = site.pages | where:"layout","tags" | sort_natural:"url"%}

Hopefully this will let me continue to use jekyll for the short term, as both my wiki and my blog, and put off starting yet another side project.