week 2021 Week 32

Monday was mountain day so it was a shorter work week. Though most of this week the weather in Kyushu was full of heavy rain, leaving me a bit less energetic than usual. I’m trying to take more daily notes in noteplan to help me remember what I did for the week.

Review Season

Next week start our twice-yearly review season at work. This time it’s a bit delayed due to syncing up with some parent company restructuring, so our review period is from November 2020 until now. To review the past term, I typically look through my Jira and Github (Enterprise and Public) tickets, and try to see how well my output matched what I thought I would accomplish for the term. If I was writing the report in confluence, then I could probably more easily embed some Jira queries, but I don’t really enjoy the confluence wiki syntax. I currently document most of my work using Hugo, though that means I do not have a good way of adding in Jira queries. I would love to have some kind of component I could add for this. I’ve been experimenting a bit with htmx and vuejs though it’s highly unlikely that I’ll have something ready by next week.

iPadOS 15 Beta

I installed the Beta version on my iPad because I wanted to be able to use some of the new SwiftUI features while testing. Pull to Refresh and swipeActions are two of the things that had been on my SwiftUI wishlist, and they should help me build some small apps in the design I had imagined. For now, I’m making an small, focused grocery/chore app called redo to experiment with some of the new SwiftUI changes. I still continue to have a lot of trouble using SwiftUI preview views and end up doing most of my testing on my device.


  • I finished Higurashi gou and started sotsu which I’ve now caught up with. I’m enjoying the series so far, but parts of the series have been even more violent and shocking than previous iterations which I could probably have done without. The absolute cruelty of one of the characters has also been a bit surprising, and it’s curious how they will try to redeam them by the end of the series.
  • District 9 was one of the recommendations from the algorithms recently and decided to rewatch it this week.
  • The Truman Show was another watch this week. I had not seen the movie before, though I had seen various clips on youtube in the past. Being a bit lethargic due to the rainy weather, I thought this would be a good way to pass some time. I quite enjoyed the movie.