week 2021 Week 31

In order to force myself to get in the habit of documenting more of my work, I want to try to start writing weekly notes of what I have been up to.

Django Static Site

I’ve been prototyping an idea to have a Django plugin for processing a static site to add into the tree. At a high level it should work like flatpage though read from the disk instead of database for pages.


I’ve been working on creating a widget for my todo app, to show the tasks for today.

Widgets do not support List so I’m having to manually make a List out of a VStack. If I use a basic font modifier like .font(.Title) then things are way too large, so I’m struggling a bit trying to get everything sized correctly.

LTSV to fluent-bit

Recently I’ve been using ltsv as a custom log format for Nginx and I spent some time this weekend trying to get it piped through fluent-bit properly.

Beat Saber

Been enjoying picking up Beat Saber again, working through some of the original soundtrack trying to play more songs on Expert, though there are a few songs that I can only complete on Hard.