blog Long Term Todos

I often have all kinds of ideas flying around my head but have no idea when I might even try to prioritize it. Sometimes I want to keep track of some high level todos somewhere and a page here is probably sufficient. Listing here makes no claims about when I will actually prioritize it.

  • Build my own CalDav server to manage todos. I have some strong opinions on how a todo app should work for me, and I naively think I still want something built on open protocols like caldav. I have a prototype that works, but also trying to get it to work properly with Apple’s CalDav implementations (via EventKit) has a lot of quirks and some missing features.
  • Own blogging engine. I do not enjoy using Hugo, but I do like the workflow of being able to write posts in Markdown on almost any editor. I have some wild ideas on how to combine the two but have not actually sat down to plan it out. I think I would also like to add ActivityPub as a way of handling comments but this is probably just asking for extra complexity.
  • Learn Rust. Some parts of rust look messy from a syntax perspective, but it’s a language that many people seem excited about. I think I should start by learning some basic rust, and writing some simple CLI tools in it.
  • Home Automation. I’m only using HomeAssistant in very minimal ways, but I like the idea of putting some sensors around my apartment to let me know the status of things. I’ve added some temperature/humidity/co2 sensors to a few rooms, but there are probably more things I could improve on.
  • Create a game. After graduating university, I started coding a small 2D game in .NET as a way to learn the language. As soon as I got a job, I stopped working on it (and now probably could not even get it to build) but I’ve often wanted to create something. I still think I want to do something in 2D, in the style of a mini rogue like mixed with something like Yoda Stories (an older game I have fond memories of). I think it would be fun messing with the code to randomize small maps that could be completed in 15~30 minutes or so.
  • Alto Saxophone When I was in middle school, I was forced by my parents to take part in band and at the time I greatly disliked it. I very briefly tried to pick it up a bit around univeristy but never practiced to any extent. Every once in a while, I think I would like to pick it up again, but my saxophone is at my parents’ house and there’s not an easy way to get it here.