GNTP Basics

Python bindings for the Growl Notification Transport Protocol

Bugs can be reported at the GitHub issue tracker

Sending a message

The gntp.notifier module is provided as a simple way to send notifications using GNTP


This class is intended to mostly mirror the older Python bindings such that you should be able to replace instances of the old bindings with this class. Original Python bindings, applicationName='PythonMini', noteType='Message', title='Mini Message', applicationIcon=None, hostname='localhost', password=None, port=23053, sticky=False, priority=None)

Single notification function

Simple notification function in one line. Has only one required parameter and attempts to use reasonable defaults for everything else :param string description: Notification message

class gntp.notifier.GrowlNotifier(applicationName='Python GNTP', notifications=[], defaultNotifications=None, applicationIcon=None, hostname='localhost', password=None, port=23053)

Helper class to simplfy sending Growl messages

  • applicationName (string) – Sending application name
  • notification (list) – List of valid notifications
  • defaultNotifications (list) – List of notifications that should be enabled by default
  • applicationIcon (string) – Icon URL
  • hostname (string) – Remote host
  • port (integer) – Remote port

Add optional Origin headers to message

notify(noteType, title, description, icon=None, sticky=False, priority=None)

Send a GNTP notifications


Must have registered with growl beforehand or messages will be ignored

  • noteType (string) – One of the notification names registered earlier
  • title (string) – Notification title (usually displayed on the notification)
  • description (string) – The main content of the notification
  • icon (string) – Icon URL path
  • sticky (boolean) – Sticky notification
  • priority (integer) – Message priority level from -2 to 2

Send GNTP Registration


Before sending notifications to Growl, you need to have sent a registration message at least once

subscribe(id, name, port)

Send a Subscribe request to a remote machine

Example Usage

import gntp.notifier

# Simple "fire and forget" notification"Here's a quick message")

# More complete example
growl = gntp.notifier.GrowlNotifier(
        applicationName = "My Application Name",
        notifications = ["New Updates","New Messages"],
        defaultNotifications = ["New Messages"],
        # hostname = "", # Defaults to localhost
        # password = "abc123" # Defaults to a blank password

# Send one message
        noteType = "New Messages",
        title = "You have a new message",
        description = "A longer message description",
        icon = "",
        sticky = False,
        priority = 1,

# Try to send a different type of message
# This one may fail since it is not in our list
# of defaultNotifications
        noteType = "New Updates",
        title = "There is a new update to download",
        description = "A longer message description",
        icon = "",
        sticky = False,
        priority = -1,

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